I am Dr. Roger Gould, a psychiatrist and founder of Digital Therapy, Inc.

This site presents the factual basis for our claim that we are uniquely positioned to transform our current expert system, clinical data, and intellectual property into a talking and listening artificial intelligent (AI) digital therapist that can safely and effectively serve 80% of the population seeking psychotherapeutic help, and that NOW is the time to make that happen.

30 years ago we demonstrated and reported that computer programs could be used to help patients solve their life problems and reduce their suffering. (We were recognized by the Smithsonian as a pioneer in the use of computers in psychiatry.)

We then created a method and refined the proprietary model for delivering therapeutic conversations, continuously testing and expanding our library to now 5000+ problems-in-living that cause suffering (anxiety, depression, and addiction) that have been used by over 100,000+ patients.

This whole journey was shaped by my multi-faceted professional training and experience as a psychiatrist.

  • As head of outpatient psychiatry at U.C.L.A I encountered the obvious problem first hand: there are never going to be enough well trained therapists to help all who need help.
  • As head of community psychiatry, it became even more clear that unsolved problems-in-living was the right focus for a successful new system of practical help, the life of now rather than the classical deep exploration of past history.
  • As a psychoanalyst I have a profound appreciation for the complexity of the mind, and have used that to focus on the distortions that interfere with realistic problem solving skills.
  • My first academic papers and my book "Transformation" (later textbook chapter on Adulthood) focus on the tasks and challenges of making a life work at each stage of life's journey.
Because of this background we have inadvertently, but fortunately, created the unique and correct foundation for the next generation of an AI enhanced digital therapist that talks and listens and helps a person reduce their suffering by making the right decisions and taking the right action.

The timing couldn't be better. AI machine learning has proved its value, the AI tool set is ever more powerful, and deep learning experts are opening up to incorporating the hybrid approach needed to create the next generation Digital Therapist. We have the right model, the expert program and the clinical data to make that happen now.

We can't create the sci-fi artificial intelligent robot psychiatrist in your phone, but we can create one that carries on a very helpful therapeutic conversation, at any time, and at a cost everyone can afford.

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