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Therapy delivered digitally
using artificial intelligence

We are a pioneer in providing evidence-based digital therapy solutions to consumers, healthcare providers and employers.

Our digital platform contains more than 3,500 situation-specific psychotherapeutic conversations powering a suite of behavior change applications that effectively address the major public health issues of obesity, depression, addiction and stress.

We are making therapy more accessible, affordable and effective—wherever you are, at the moment you need it.

It's what a therapist does but without a therapist.

How it works

Why don’t people take the actions they know would improve their lives?

Every one of us at some stage in life makes a promise to ourselves: a commitment to eat healthy, to lose weight, to exercise more, to drink less, to give up smoking. To change for the better. But we often fail at great personal and social cost.

Why? It comes down to two words: inner conflict. Behavior change is often blocked by the internal conflict between the desire to change and the emotional thought patterns that prevent it.

Digital Therapy facilitates the resolution of this internal conflict by engaging the user at the “reachable moment” of distress in a digital conversation that takes them through a clinically-proven therapeutic process on their smartphone.

Consumer Tested and Clinically Validated

Based on over 35 years of product development by Dr. Roger Gould, recognized by the Smithsonian Institution as the pioneer of digital therapy..

Dr. Roger Gould is a board-certified psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, best-selling author and former Head of Community and Outpatient Psychiatry at UCLA with more than 40 years of clinical experience. He is one of the world’s leading experts on emotional eating and adult development, and a well-published expert on behavior change. Dr. Gould has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institution as a pioneer in the use of computers in psychiatry. He is the visionary who converted talk therapy into a digital reality and the founder of Digital Therapy.

See a full list of Dr. Gould’s publications and peer-reviewed articles.

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A Kaiser Permanente/UCLA study found that Dr. Gould's online therapy sessions have the same effect as a face-to-face consult with an experienced therapist.

Introducing Sam
powered by IBM Watson®

The digital therapist in your pocket

Powered by IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities, Sam is the world’s first talking digital therapist that talks to you in real time about your food cravings. Sam helps you deal with an immediate food craving wherever you are, whenever you need to, and helps you avoid overeating or going on a binge. Sam will also have a conversation with you about the small decisions you can make on a daily basis to effectively control your weight and put an end to your food struggle once and for all. With Sam, you can create your own solution to your unique weight control challenge.

An online weight loss application that expertly guides users to uncover and address the issues behind their emotional eating.

We are what we feel, just as we are what we eat. And when those feelings become complex emotions like anxiety, depression, procrastination or self-loathing, turning to food to cope is often the result. ShrinkYourself™ expertly guides the user to not only face their emotions and stresses in life, but heal them, so that turning to food for comfort and relief is no longer required.